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The investment account with life insurance is a life insurance that combines two components: 

  • INVESTMENT - reflected by investing in a mix of investment programs (investment funds) with some degree of risk or a single investment program based on the risk tolerance of the client 
  • PROTECTION - reflected by life insurance that guaranteed sum assured in case of death; In case of death of the Insured, the Insurer shall pay the higher of the sum assured and guaranteed account value individually assessed in the last trading day before the date of notification of death, plus 10% of the sum insured guaranteed

The invetments programs are funds that accumulate money from several people who have insurance products with investment component. These funds are managed by SAI Erste Asset Management - currently the industry leader in open investment funds in Romania. EAM, as manager invests the money according to the investment structure declared in: bonds, deposits, bonds, shares and other assets.

The investment can be realized in one of of these investment programs or MIX in the same currency.