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MedLife Network

Medlife is the market leader of medical services with the highest national network of hyperclinics and hospitals in Romania: 6 hospitals in Bucharest, Arad and Brasov, 9 hyperclinics, 8 centers of excellency, 8 laboratories and 26 mobile teams. Add to these the local partnerships developed in each county, with various clinics and offices, summing a network of over 100 local partners. Medlife covers all medical and surgical specialties.

Medlife acivity is definited by the safety of medical care, safe and fast diagnostics due to massive investments in the latest medical technology and to international quality accreditation.

Medlife Network is available 24 hours/24 day, 7 days / 7 by calling the call center number 021.9646 for scheduling medical services included in the health insurance.