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Save time by using the method of payment that suits you best!

Required data for the payment of  the insurance premiums: name and surname, CNP, serial and policy number, amount.

Available accounts :

  • RO02RNCB0090000678830023 (unit linked)
  • RO57RNCB0280000678830882 (other policies)
  • RO91RNCB0280000678830076 (policies in euro)

Choose a payment method that suits you best:

Direct debit  from your bank account

  • Direct Debit  - Your account opened at BCR is automatically debited at each maturity; the payment is always due on the 1st of each month depending on the frequency of the payment.
  • Standing Order - No matter where you have a current account you can opt for this method and at the established date the bank will execute the payment order
  • Pre-printed payment order - You receive it by the due date and it can be used in any BCR unit, if you choose t this method.


  • Click 24 banking or Alo 24 banking - If you have a BCR current account you can save time and money paying via Internet  by choosing one of the payment patterns available depending on your type of policy

By Card

Paying bills through ATM - The service is available to  BCR cardholders , individuals and legal persons who have cards issued in ron and / or currencies.To access this payment method, the contractor must sign an agreement with BCR


  • BCR cash offices
  • Multifunction machine (MFM)
  • Barcode - The barcode can be scanned in any BCR unit or at the Payzone collection points.