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Life insurance is a form of protection of all that is important in your life: your welfare and your family’s, safety in case of occurrence of unexpected events. Life insurance offers you unequalled safety and the psychological advantage of working in a calm manner in order to reach your goals and enjoy every day next to the persons that you love.

Life is full of risks and less pleasant events.

Life insurance guarantees you that, no matter what happens, your loved ones will continue to benefit from comfort and security.

It guarantees you that, when you wish to retire from active life, you will be able to live your old days without fear, always having a comforting income.

It guarantees you that, when it comes of age, your child will be able to step into adulthood with the financial support that it will need.

It guarantees you that the purchase you have made by means of a bank loan will always be kept in the family.

We are offering you a variety of life insurance products adapted to your protection and saving needs.

The choice of the suitable life insurance represents an important decision for anyone. For us, every client is unique. The attention paid to the analysis of needs, attitude towards saving, unique financial profit of every client represent the key of our expertise. The portfolio of products and services, the individualized solutions that we are offering help our clients make the right decision for their financial future.

Our products are available in all BCR and BCR Asigurari de Viata VIG agencies.